About Us

About Us

Krutin Advisors (“Firm”, “We”) has been established in Bengaluru with a vision to create a benchmark in value added & quality professional services in the area of Direct Taxation, Indirect taxation, Business Process Outsourcing, Assurance and Advisory Services.

We bring with us significant experience of working for global accounting firms in the past where we assisted several large clients in providing end-to-end tax and financial service.

We are admired as name of trust and excellence in service delivery through value addition and client focus. We are committed to provide exceptional client servicing through our quality deliverables that are cost-optimized, solution oriented and with significant value addition.


Krutin Advisors believes in quality in its deliverables. We take utmost interest in client’s concerns and see to it that job is done well. We are open in our communication, propagate work ethics and provide unbiased guidance.

We understand our role as that of a financial physician and strive to give our best. We believe in working as a team with our clients by taking ownership and responsibility of our assignments, to create a long-lasting partnership.


Quick to respond to the needs

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Responsible and dependable

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Quality in service

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Holistic Approach

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Fully committed to deliver the best

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